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Hello and welcome…

… to the world of successful corporate development. You can expect long-lasting effectiveness from salemConsulting from the first contact on until successful conclusion of the mandate and beyond. Trust is a success factor in every respect, in every relationship, our customer trusting us since 2005.

We are looking forward to an exploratory conversation with you.
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Michael Salem


The strategy of successful corporate development

salemConsulting is your experienced partner for conscientious corporate development – holistic corporate development solutions, means from strategic analysis and high-level objectives to strategy development and means sustainable implementation of skillfully-developed strategies.

We developed a strategy coaching method to consult leaders on a strategy level for their decisions and their strategy live in organizations – close, individual and professional.


The foundation of sustainable consulting

Enterprises are complex entities. The understanding of the interrelations, or: the eye for the whole on one hand and on the other hand an eye for detail and an ear for your concrete needs – this interplay is the foundation of sustainable corporate consulting. Our field of activities always encompasses the core elements of an enterprise: the goals, the relevant strategies, the organisational parameters of the business, the processes and their interaction. We also take technology changes and impact to your organisation in to account.


Our wealth of experience – leveraged for your success

With our many years of experience as management consultants our experience is constantly growing – experience that we knowingly and constantly utilise in every moment of our counseling activities. Out of experience leaving nothing to chance: that lies at the root of our goal-oriented work ethic.

In our network, strengths are reinforced and concentrated. We are constantly expanding our cooperation with complementary know-how and new fields. Our network spans IT Strategy and IT Management through Marketing and Communications as well as Regulations, Coaching and Mentoring partners all the way to Security advisors – all with rich experience. Cross industry experience is of course, included.


Trust is a success factor in every respect, in every relationship.

Trust is the basis of successful business relationships. To build on trust creates win-win situations. Trust is priceless, cannot be bought and must be earned through convincing performance and credibility. Trust is a gift of others – we can learn to trust each other too.

We take care of our customers in Industry and Business as well as Government and Public Authorities, regional, national and international.

Michael Salem
Strategy Consultant
BEng, BSc hons, Dipl. Ing, Ing-Maître, MBA
Baselstrasse 102 - 4132 Muttenz

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